The DIY Stone Photo Holder

You never thought there could be anything cooler than a pet rock. But there is.

A pet rock that doubles as a photo holder! It’s a boutique-worthy photo display that’s super easy to make and costs less than 5 bucks.

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For The Hell Of It

A weekly blog; each Wednesday a new chapter of an ongoing book. "For The Hell Of It follows the life and subdued trials of our protagonist, Dail, as he attempts to write a book; the only problem being that he has no idea what to write it about. That’s right, people, it’s a book about writing a book."

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Chillin with Trotsky… as you do when you’re Diego Rivera

Tom Ford~ A Single Man

Berlin Wall. Christmas 1962

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| Château de Chillon - Lake Geneva, Switzerland  | by machineagechronicle